An obedient prayer, and Jeanette’s Miracle in Haiti

The day of the Haitian earthquake we had stopped to pray several times for the victims, the families and the rescuers. My wife occasionally sees visions when she prays. She saw two that day. The first was of what she thought was a woman’s face peering out from the rubble. Stephanie said her face was gray and she had something in her eye. The vision was very vivid, and very disturbing to her. Over the last six days we’ve been praying for the people of Haiti, and Stephanie continued to pray for the mystery woman.

This afternoon I was up in my office working when I heard Stephanie scream “Gawain! Come down here!” It was a combination of a scream and a wail. It terrified me. Fearing the worst, I leaped up from my desk, ready to confront whatever it was that had just taken place in our living room. I bounded down the stairs and saw Stephanie on her knees pointing at the TV. She was in shock. Tears were streaming down her face, and her hand was clasped over her mouth. “That’s her!! That’s her!! The woman I saw!!” Awestruck, I knelt down beside her and held her as we watched.

She had been watching the 5:30 news, which she doesn’t normally do. The camera was showing a Haitian man who had been looking for his wife Jeanette for six days. Local rescuers were digging with their hands and shovels at a mountain of concrete and steel that had once been a bank. The man knew his wife had been inside, so every time the rescuers thought they heard something he ran over to see if they had found her. He had stood vigil and prayed for six days, hoping for her to be found.

The poorly equipped rescuers heard a voice calling from beneath the concrete. The man once again ran over. It was Jeanette and she was alive! Everybody began chopping away at the huge concrete slabs as best they could, but with a small hacksaw and a few shovels it didn’t look possible to make any meaningful progress. The woman asked for some water and said that her fingers were broken. She said she couldn’t see because there was dust in her eyes. Through a small hole she yelled to her husband that whether she lived or died that she loved him.

Then a team of firefighters from Los Angeles appeared with heavy equipment, lights and fiber optic cameras to peer into the tiny dark hole.

When the woman’s face appeared on the tiny camera’s monitor Stephanie instantly recognized the woman as the one she had seen in her vision six day earlier. Her face was gray not because she was old as Stephanie first thought, but from the concrete dust covering her face and hair.


Before long the crew from California and the local workers brought Jeanette out into the daylight. She was singing with her rescuers and praising God! Reunited with her husband at last, she’s going to be fine. She drove away in a car, her hand bandaged, her face washed, with a big smile on her face.

God hears your prayers and He does answer prayers. So if you ever feel like you should be praying for somebody, just be obedient and pray. Sometimes God will do something that completely blows your mind. Big Time.

God loves Jeanette and her husband from Haiti. And he loves you. If you need to call out to him from whatever dark hole you happen to be in at the moment, know that He hears you and He cares about you more than you can know. He may even be at this very moment using people you’ve never met to do something life-changing for you. And for them.

Ace of Blues, Black Friday @ Puckett’s

Gawain at Puckett's

I’ll be at Puckett’s Grocery in downtown Franklin this Friday night (yes, the day after Thanksgiving) playing some great blues, funk, fusion and more with Ace of Blues. It’s gonna be fun!

The food at Puckett’s is great (if you still have any room left over by then) and the atmosphere is laid back. The perfect thing to snap you out of your post-turkey tryptophan coma.

There’s a $10 cover, and reservations are recommended. For reservations or for more info call Puckett’s Franklin at 615-794-5527, or visit them on the web.

Ace of Blues is:

Bill Darnell
Mark Chapman
Dean Freeman
Ronnie Godfrey
Gawain Reifsnyder

Fall in Tennessee

Leaf: Copyright c 2009 Gawain Reifsnyder

I think I’d have to say that autumn has always been my favorite time of year. Here in Tennessee it arrives more gently than in my home state of Connecticut, but the foliage can be just as nice. This year we’ve had a bunch of rain, (OK, a little too much rain) but that’s sure to make things pretty in the coming days.

Today I went to the shopping mall in Green Hills. This leaf was in the middle of the street in front of the building as I was leaving. The golden, late afternoon light and the bright color against the gray pavement were striking. I started to walk past, then did a double-take and had to turn around to take a picture with my phone. I wish I’d had my DSLR instead.